About Jumptag Club

We make wearable tech that you'll actually want to wear! Jumptag combines high-tech functionality with fashion design to provide both style and utility, making everyday connectivity seamless. By simply scanning the jumptag managed through our app, users can share their social media profiles, contact information, and more, all while expressing their personal style.

We're here to shape a future where Jumptag transcends itself as a product to become a globally recognized symbol of connection, style, and innovation, while pioneering advancements in how we interact with the digital & physical world through fashion technology.
Six diverse individuals each wearing a Jump tag QR code necklace in a collage format

Our Mission

Transforming the way people connect by merging fashion and technology into stylish, user-friendly wearable accessories.

Our Four Pillars

At Jumptag Club, our values guide our every decision and action. Here's what we stand for:

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Style & Elegance

At Jumptag Club, we merge the worlds of fashion & technology, crafting stylish and sophisticated accessories that elevate personal style and practical functionality.

Versatility & Personalization

Embracing the diverse needs of our users, Jumptag is built on a foundation of versatility and personalization. Our founder wore many hats in his life and in building this company which has culminated into products that can change and evolve just as we do.

Efficiency & Ease-of-Use

Jumptag is all about streamlining your world. With our user-friendly tech, we turn useful but complex processes into easy and efficient ones.

Community & Reliability

We're not just a product; we're a community. With a commitmentto quality and reliability, Jumptag fosters a connected network of users who trust and rely on our products and each other.

Jump tag Club founder Rito with messy hair in a blue suit against an orange background, hand touching his chin

Owner/CEO - Rito

Meet Rito, the innovative force behind Jumptag Club. As a quasi-polymath, Rito exemplifies versatility, having made his mark in diverse fields like music, photography, videography, and software design.

With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, Rito began his journey with an innate curiosity about the human mind. This curiosity evolved into a passion for understanding how humans interact with technology, leading him to pursue a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University.

As Rito Rhymes, the rapper, he's left a creative stamp in his niche inspiring and connecting with his audience through clever lyricism. His photography and videography works capture the essence of his subjects, weaving visual narratives that resonate.

In the tech world, Rito has excelled as a Software Business Analyst and UX & Game Designer, applying his unique perspectives to innovate and enhance user experiences.

Jumptag was born out of Rito's own need for a versatile tool that could adapt to his varied roles. It embodies his life philosophy – to merge the boundaries between the digital and physical, personal and professional, style and utility. Through Jumptag, Rito brings to you a product that transcends traditional limits, encouraging you to express your individuality, just as he does.

Our Team: A Symphony of Skills

The Jumptag team is a symphony of skills from around the world, a testament to the global village we inhabit. We've brought together diverse talents and backgrounds, all united by a single vision: to reshape connections through the unique blend of fashion and technology.

Our team members wear many hats, each with their unique mix of skills and experiences. Each team member's versatility is a reflection of the Jumptag product itself - adaptable, functional, and of great taste!

Guided by our founder, Rito, this versatile ensemble works across borders, each playing their part in the shared mission of transforming the way we connect. It's this global collaboration that helps us stay innovative and drives us forward in the pursuit of our vision.