Aleksandra Hromiak modelling a golden Jumptag QR code dog tag necklace & a denim jacket in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
Max Taylor wearing a black shirt & a golden Jumptag QR code necklace
Shawn Red wearing a golden Jumptag QR necklace, a friend scans the dog tag with a phone's camera app & is visible on screen

The Jumptag is a uniquely stylish, convenient & personalizable accessory to share any of your links or contact info in-person.

Kelsey Butler setting her golden Jumptag QR necklace with her phone. Overlaid screen shows URL destination & 'SET IT' button

you Set it...

You set the Jumplink (the QR code) via our web app to WHATEVER destination you want it to go to when scanned, (you can change it whenever you want).

Share your IG, TikTok, LinkedIn, URLs, Cashapp, Venmo, phone number, email, crypto address, location, whatever you want! If it has a URL, it probably works.

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Shawn Red wearing a golden Jumptag QR necklace, a friend scans the dog tag with a phone's camera app & is visible on screen

they Scan it

using any mobile phone's basic camera app, the person you want to share the link with just scans it then...

Max Taylor wearing a golden Jumptag, with a close-up phone in foreground displaying his Instagram profile after scanning it

they JUMP to the destination!

Once they scan your Jumptag, it will take them to whatever destination you set. It will even open up in-app depending on what you set.

We're not kidding...

It's really that simple!

  • No more fumbling around for 2 minutes trying to make sure they got each character and underscore right to find your social media
  • Use it at social events, especially useful if it's noisey!
  • For personal or business use (give your Linkedin or business website)


Scan it


Compatible with (and more!):

One Jump, Many Destinations

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup my Jumptag?

Once you receive your Jumptag, you scan the Jumplink (QR code) and follow the instructions to register it on our web app (beta) with your own account.

How do I change where it jumps to when scanned?

Changing where your Jumptag leads is easy with our web app (beta) at Once your Jumptag is registered to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Jumplink's 'edit' page.
  2. In the designated field, paste the URL (or URI) you want your Jumptag to redirect to.
  3. Confirm to activate the new destination.

Your Jumptag will now jump to this destination when scanned. You can change the destination at any time by repeating these steps

How does this technology work?

Each Jumptag has a unique QR code called a Jumplink that, when scanned, opens a unique URL associated with that Jumptag. The 'jump' happens when this URL is set to automatically redirect to another destination, such as your social media profile or contact information.

You can set or change this redirect destination using our web app (beta) at When you or someone else scans your Jumptag, the Jumplink (QR code) directs them to the unique URL, which then 'jumps' them to the location you've set. In essence, the person scanning it will only see the destination you set.

How many links can I share?

Jumptags can represent any number of links, but only one can be active at a time. If you need to share multiple links simultaneously, you can use a link aggregation platform like Linktree and set your Jumptag to redirect to your Linktree page.

How durable are Jumptags?

Jumptags are crafted from a durable metal alloy, the average person will NOT be able to bend this by hand. They're also coated with an extra layer of epoxy for added protection against scratches and tarnishing. They're water-resistant (feel free to go swimming wearing it) and heat-tolerant, but continuous exposure to water (submerging it for several days) or high heat can affect the epoxy coating.

Does it come with a chain?

Yes, each Jumptag comes with a complementary sample chain. These are for testing purposes and may tarnish over time. We recommend replacing them with a chain of your choice for long-term use. In the future we will provide stylish chains more suitable for longer term use.

Does it only do URLs?

No it does more. Jumptags also work with URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), which allow you to share a wider range of information like phone numbers, email addresses, locations, and crypto wallet addresses. Our web app simplifies this process – you simply press a button, input your contact info, and it creates the necessary code for you.

I have an app, can I share a link to it?

Usually yes. Often times when you see a "share button" (or an icon) in an app, clicking it will copy a URL (deep link) that leads to that content in-app; just paste that link as your destination to jump to it when scanned. For instance, you can share your TikTok profile or a specific video simply by setting the deep link as your Jumptag's destination.

How does it open apps when scanned?

Jumptags utilize 'deep links' and URIs. These special types of links can directly open specific pages or content within apps, making it easy to share content from platforms like CashApp or TikTok as long as the corresponding app is installed

How do I share contact information?

Sharing contact info with Jumptags is as easy as the push of a button. On our web app, select the type of contact info you'd like to share, such as your phone number or email. Input your info, and that's it! When your Jumptag is scanned, the scanner's phone will open up the appropriate app containing your contact info filled in.

For example, if you set it to jump to your phone number, when someone scans it, their app for making phonecalls will open up with your number entered into it.

Things like phone numbers or emails require use of a special code called a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), you don't need to know it though as we simplify the process so all you need to do is select the type contact info you want to share and add your info.

Are these private?

Not really. Like social media profiles, Jumptags are publicly accessible (though people may not know it until after it's been scanned once). However, others can only use your Jumplink (the QR with the embedded URL) to jump to your designated destination, they can't change or control it.

Can Jumptags be used offline?

No, a functioning internet connection is required both for scanning a Jumptag and for using the web app to change the destination. This is because the Jumplink (the engraved QR) contains a unique URL that is ultimately used to send users to destinations when scanned (URLs require internet).