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How to Set Up and Personalize Your Jumptag

A step-by-step guide on how to register your Jumptag and personalize the Jumplink (QR code)

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Part 1. Registering & Claiming it

The first thing you’re going to want to do is create an account on our webapp to claim and control your Jumptag.

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Once you order your Jumptag and receive it in the mail, you have two options to claim it, either:

A. Web App QR-Scanner

In MyTags, the main page in your account, you can click the “camera” button, grant device permissions to use the camera and then just scan the Jumplink (QR code) and it will automatically fill in the Jumplink ID for your Jumptag to claim it. Just press “claim” then it’s yours!

Jump-tag-club web-app, using phone QR scanner on Jumptag's Jumplink to scan & claim it

 B. Copy and Paste

Scan your QR Jumplink with your phone's regular camera app and it will take you to a landing page with your Jumptag’s unique code called a “Jumplink ID.” Copy this ID and press “Claim Now” and it will take you to the webapp. If you already have an account and are logged in on your device, the Jumplink ID will be auto-filled automatically. Otherwise, create an account and then paste the Jumplink ID into the “Claim Jumplink” field and press “Claim” then it’s yours!

Jump tag club's web app interface with the landing page to claim jumplink ID after scanning QR

Part 2: Setting & Sharing Destinations

Once claimed, there will appear a card on your MyTags page containing the Jumplink ID and a few buttons. All of your claimed Jumptags will appear here.

 Jump tag web app screen of claimed jump-links on MyTags page


You can press the Pen icon to give it a name, no one else will see it but who doesn’t name their stuff, especially if you have multiple Jumplinks to sort through.

Now to add and edit “jumps,” the destinations your Jumptag will lead to when someone scans your QR Jumplink, press the “Edit” button for the QR Jumplink you want to control

You will be taken to that Jumplink's edit page.


Edit Page and Jump Slots

The first thing to note are the slots you see. Each slot can a hold destination where your Jumptag will lead when scanned. Pressing the "+" button on the right side will expand it to show the information contained about the destination which you can edit.

Jump tag web_app edit page for Jumplink slots and destinations

Having multiple jump slots means if you have several URLs, phone numbers, or other types of destinations that you frequently share, you can save each one in a different slot. This makes it quick and easy to cycle through your most commonly used destinations.


You can create new jump slots by clicking the "Add Jump +" button or the "+" button at the bottom of the page. The slot with the "Orange" on it indicates that it is active. Click the "trash bin" icon to delete a slot permanently.


Each jump slot can be edited at any time by clicking to expand it, giving you complete control over your Jumptag's functionality. It's important to note that only one slot can be active at a time, ensuring that your Jumptag always leads to a single, specific destination.


Slot Name: This is a short text field where you can enter a name for your Jump slot. This is particularly useful when you have multiple slots, as it allows you to quickly identify each one. For example, you might label one slot "My LinkedIn Profile" and another "My Personal Website". You need to name it in order to save it.

“Jump to” field & Share Type: The “Jump to” field is where you enter the destination you want your Jumptag to lead to when scanned. The “Share type” dropdown is an important function that changes what kind of information / destinations you can share and enter in the field.

These are the different share types you can access followed by descriptions below:

Share Type List of all options that can be selected in the webapp

  • URL: Share any URL. Most social media sites have URLs where you just plug your profile name into the end of the domain like or or even$profile
  • Email: Enter your email address and an optional message. When someone scans the Jumplink, it will open up an email app with your email address entered and the message auto-filled in the body.
  • Phone number: Enter your phone number. When scanned, it will open up a phone calling app with the number entered.
  • SMS (text message): Enter your phone number and an optional message. When someone scans the Jumplink, it will open up a messaging app with your number and the message auto-filled.
  • Location: Choose between entering coordinates (latitude and longitude) or a specific address. When scanned, the user can choose to open the location in either Apple or Google maps.
  • Crypto (Bitcoin & Ethereum): Enter your wallet address. When scanned, it will open an app like Metamask, Trustwallet, or Electrum with the address autofilled. For more complex features (including entering an amount), you can utilize the URI share type.
  • URI: Share any Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).


SET IT! Button: This is the button you'll press when you want to activate a particular destination. When you press this button, any information you've entered into the slot will be saved AND the slot will become active. This means that when your Jumptag is scanned, it will lead to the destination currently set in this slot.

Setting the QR Jumplink destination on the jump-tag via jump-tag-web-app


Save Button: If you've entered or edited information in a slot but don't want to activate it just yet, you can use the Save button. This will save any new or edited information you've entered, but it won't activate the slot. This is useful if you're setting up a new destination but aren't ready to start sharing it yet.


Activate Switch: Each slot has a switch that indicates whether it's active or not which says “Make this my Main Jump.” Only the active jump slot will be highlighted in orange. If you want to activate a different slot, you can simply press the switch on that slot or press Set It!. Remember, only one slot can be active at a time, so activating a new slot will automatically deactivate the previous one.


By understanding these features, you can effectively manage multiple destinations and seamlessly switch between them as needed.


Quickly Switching:

Quickly switching Slots can be done on the Dashboard / MyTags page. Simply press the Dropdown in your Jumplink’s card to see all of your Saved Slots descriptions, select the one you want to activate and it will activate. Simple!


 Setting the QR Jump-link destination via mytag page dashboard in


Sharing Your Jumptag:

 A woman scanning someone's jump_tag QR Jump_link while shaking that person's hand

With your Jumptag set up and personalized, you're ready to start sharing! Just a simple scan from a regular camera app and they will jump to the destination you set it, including opening directly inside some apps (via deeplink URLS). Whether you're networking at a professional event or hanging out with friends, your Jumptag is a stylish and convenient way to share your links or contact info. And with the ability to quickly switch between saved slots, you can always ensure that your Jumptag is leading to the right place at the right time.





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